Ohms Horse & Hound Massage Service

Murray Ohms

I was recommended by my veterinarian to contact Murray Ohms in May of 2001 when a diagnosis could not be made on my three-year-old warmblood mare, I did not know much about the practice of equine massage therapy, but I was willing to give almost anything a try.

Ohms Horse & Hound Massage Service Keona in MayIn April of 2001, I sent Keona out for a month of training. She had a lovely "nothing phases me" attitude and was very willing to work with the trainer. She never spooked at anything or acted silly. It was as though she had been through everything before. I now believe that this was what got her into trouble.

On the evening of the thirteenth of April, I went up to check on her. I knew no one would be there, but I just wanted to see how she was. When I walked into the barn, I was surprised to see that Keona was not in her stall. We went looking and she was not anywhere to be found. Someone had said that earlier that day she had pulled back when tied to the hitching rail and broke it in half. To remedy this behavior, the trainer had tied her up to a tree a ways from the barn, down a hill and completely out of sight. By the end of the day she had been forgotten about and we found her that evening still tied to that same tree and in quite bad shape. She had rub marks all over her face from the halter and was shaking quite bad. I guess being tied to a tree for nearly four hours will do that!!! I took her up to her stall and managed to quiet her down. She appeared - to my relief - to be okay. I couldn't have been more wrong.

Ohms Horse & Hound Massage Service Keona in JuneIn the weeks to come, I was quite surprised by how much weight Keona had lost as she has a voracious appetite, She seemed to have difficulty keeping grain in her mouth when chewing and instead of really grinding the hay she simply balled it up and swallowed it whole. Her ribs were sticking out and her once shiny coat was now dull. I had the vet out as I suspected a problem with her adult teeth coming in. Her check-up showed no problems yet her blood work was that of a malnourished horse.

I decided to take her in for x-rays in May, worried that she may have broken a hyoid bone or something more serious. We could find nothing wrong. Keona was now about 500 pounds underweight and no explanation could be found. This was when my vet suggested that we have her looked at by Murray.
As it turns out, Keona had done quite a number on herself. Several cervical vertebrae were restricted as well as vertebrae in the sacral area. Her hindquarters needed some work and every muscle on the right side of her jaw was restricted. Murray went to work and slowly started releasing restricted muscles. By the time the second visit came, Keona was no longer dropping the majority of her feed and was able to properly eat her hay.

Ohms Horse & Hound Massage Service Keona in JulyIt is now the middle of August and I am happy to report that Keona is better than ever. We were able to get her weight back to normal and her body condition is now where it should be. At the recent warmblood inspections, Keona scored an impressive 2nd Premium (with an 8 for impression and development) second highest scores of all the mares in her class. She has also been bred and is due to foal next May. I owe it all to Murray. His equine massage therapy saved my horse!